Your representative in case of delayed or cancelled flight

Are you entitled to a compensation?

Was your flight delayed or cancelled?

Based on the European  261/2004 regulation, you are entitled to a compensation, if you arrived to your destination with more than 3 hour delay.

For flights under 1500km

up to 250€

For flights under 1500km
For flights between 1500 in 3500 km

up to 400€

For flights between 1500 in 3500 km
For flights over 3500 km

up to 600€

For flights over 3500 km

How to get compensated?

Fill in the form on our website with the information about the flight 
We will check if you are entitled to a compensation and give you a response within 24 hours.
After successfully closing the case, we will transfer the compensation to your account.
Time consuming
High stress factor
Low chance of success
Unforseen costs may arise
Fast and simple
No risk
Experienced team
Stress free
High cost
Long process
High risk factor
Time consuming

Frequently asked

How do I know if i am entitled to a compensation?

According to European Regulation 261/2004, you are entitled to compensation in the following cases:

  • The flight arrived in the destination country 3 hours later than announced
  • The flight was canceled 14 days before departure
  • You have been denied boarding because of occupied seats

Rules apply to all flights flying from the European Union and also to flights arriving in the European Union, if the airline is EU based.

I have already received compensation in form of coupons or flying points. Am I still entitled to compensation?

Of course, in addition to compensation, airlines are required by Regulation (EC) 261/2004 to provide you with free meals, drinks, phone calls and accommodation in the event that you have to wait for an overnight flight. In the event that they have already given you compensation in any form, we would ask you to inform us further.

How much does it cost to be represented by Delayco?

In the event that your claim is successfully resolved, we will charge a 25% commission on compensation. This provision includes paperwork costs, contacting and negotiating with airlines. In case we fail to win the case, you won’t be charged for anything.

I travelled with kids. Are they entitled to a compensation as well?

The regulation applies to anyone above age 2. In case of children under the age of 18, the parents/guardians have to sign the power of attorney.

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